Saturday, December 20, 2008

Photos from Akron, OH

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Sally said...

I loved it!! My friend and I worked together at the table, and
she loved it also.

I would love to have Chana as a Life Coach!! She is fabulous, and her energy was inspiring.

Eileen said...

Dear Chana,

Thank you so very much for your wonderful presentation and workshop leadership. As both an observer and participant, I had the unique opportunity to witness the energy and electricity in the room Sunday. You gave this group of women(and me) an invitation to reflect upon their(my) "geula" experiences and look at possibilities for transformation. It certainly was my very public "providential moment" to meditate on what nurtures my soul and what was lacking from my life. I have taken this opening very seriously and want you to know that it was for me, a great connectedness I felt toward you. I appreciate your sensitivity to my needs and the instinct you have obviously been gifted with ,to help women reach their greatest potential. May G-d continue to shower you with wisdom and compassion.

Cathi said...

I enjoyed your program very much last night and I learned a lot.

I think that every lady who came ready to receive and learn, left the Shaw JCC carrying with her at least one precious jewel of knowledge.

Ellen said...

Thank you so, so much for all your hard work!!!

It was a lovely event last evening. I enjoyed it even though I was exhausted. I thought Chana was an excellent speaker. I enjoyed her lecture tremendously. The very great news is that most folks seemed extremely interested in the topic. If you are interested, we could plan a continuation workshop/perhaps for Chanukah, on how to capture our own miracles through kabbalah...

The dessert buffet was spectacular... and the tables/setting was perfect.